May 30, 2024

“GenAI will take Microsoft, the economy in Israel, and society to a new level.”

“AI is going to transform our economies, our societies, and practically everything we’re doing,” says Ben Haklai, National Technology Officer at Microsoft. “This event is the launch of Microsoft’s initiative in Israel to build national capacities around AI and Generative AI specifically. To take Microsoft, take the economy in Israel, and take society to a new level.”

Haklai spoke to CTech at AISrael 2024, an event co-hosted by Microsoft and Calcalist that established the potential of GenAI in almost any sector and how businesses are responding to the massive influx of new technologies.

“We are seeing it penetrating everywhere,” he added. “You can look at more traditional industries like the health industries… Those areas start to digest and understand that this new technology is going to transform the way that they do their daily business.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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