April 25, 2024

Verkkokauppa.com’s Sustainability Report 2023 has been published

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj


Verkkokauppa.com Oyj Sustainability Report 2023 - Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com 2023, cover pageVerkkokauppa.com Oyj Sustainability Report 2023 - Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com 2023, cover page

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj Sustainability Report 2023 – Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com 2023, cover page


Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com, illustrative pictureSustainability at Verkkokauppa.com, illustrative picture

Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com, illustrative picture

Verkkokauppa.com’s Sustainability Report 2023 has been published  – circular economy activities in particular progressed in 2023

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj               INVESTOR NEWS             2 April 2024 at 3.00pm EEST

Verkkokauppa.com has published its 2023 Sustainability Report as part of the company’s annual reporting package. The report extensively discusses the company’s sustainability work and its progress during 2023, including, among other things, the company’s Sustainability program with its goals and the emissions calculation as a whole.

Sustainability in Verkkokauppa.com’s strategy

Sustainability is a key part of Verkkokauppa.com’s strategy, one of the cornerstones of which is expanding its service business by offering sustainable alternatives to purchasing products. Verkkokauppa.com is purposefully working on sustainability issues.

Sustainability highlights in 2023

In 2023, special efforts were made to offer products and services that support circular economy, as well as investments to own personnel.

  • We launched the Vaihtokauppa trade-in service, with which customers can sell their functional used electronic devices back

  • We multiplied the range of second-hand products

  • We sold products that customers actually need and kept the return rate low: 0.7%

  • We invested in our personnel, including to our learning culture and well-being at work and halved the number of accidents at work. Diversity was promoted by setting up a diversity working group and hiring senior experience experts for the end-of-year season.

Pictures attached: 1) Report cover 2) Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com

More information:

Johanna Stenbäck, Head of Sustainability
Verkkokauppa.com Oyj
Tel. +358 40 820 3957

Marja Mäkinen, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Verkkokauppa.com Oyj
Tel. +358 40 671 2999

Verkkokauppa.com is an e-commerce pioneer that stands passionately on the customer’s side. Verkkokauppa.com accelerates the transition of commerce to online with Finland’s fastest deliveries and ultimate convenience. The company leads the way by offering one-hour deliveries to almost 700,000 customers, a winning assortment and probably always cheaper prices. Everyday, the company strives to find more streamlined ways to surpass its customers´ expectations and to create a new norm for buying and owning.

Verkkokauppa.com was founded in 1992 and has been online since day one. The company’s revenue in 2023 was EUR 503 million and it employs around 700 people. Verkkokauppa.com is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.


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