May 29, 2024

Building a Community for Finance Students On Campus

Bailey Mullen

Class of 2026

Currently Studying: BBA in Finance

Member Of: Undergraduate Finance Club (President) and Zeta Beta Tau (Finance Director)

Pronouns: He/Him


lubin student bailey mullen

After recognizing the need for an on-campus organization dedicated to students interested in finance, Bailey Mullen jumped into action to quickly create one. Since establishing the Undergraduate Finance Club, Bailey and his e-board have hosted weekly events focused on preparing students for successful careers in finance.

Why did you choose Pace University and the Lubin School of Business?

My choice of Pace University stemmed from the desire to immerse myself in the world’s largest financial hub, New York City. Attending Pace and the Lubin School of Business in NYC has offered unparalleled opportunities that other institutions couldn’t match.

How have clubs on campus helped enrich your student experience?

Being involved in campus clubs has allowed me to establish a supportive network and forge valuable connections within my field. It has significantly enriched my time here at Pace. 

You founded Pace University‘s Undergraduate Finance Club. What motivated you to start this club?

I recognized the need for a community focused on finance enthusiasts and professionals-to-be, so I founded the Undergraduate Finance Club to provide students with networking opportunities and industry insights crucial for their career journeys, especially in the competitive internship landscape.

Why is it important to teach students about finance through your club?

Establishing a space for individuals passionate about finance fosters a community of learners and professionals. I aim to share my enthusiasm for the intricacies of finance and provide avenues for students to connect with industry leaders to gain knowledge to land those hard-to-get internships.

You are also the Finance Director for Pace University‘s chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. What have you learned in this role?

Serving in this role has honed my management and organizational skills, fostering a sense of fulfillment through collaborative goal achievement. I have had the opportunity to work to gain practical analysis skills as Finance Director and gained a group of friends for life.

How have your Lubin classes helped prepare you for your on-campus positions?

Lubin’s curriculum has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence necessary for leadership roles in campus organizations, backed by unwavering support from the faculty. Additionally, the courses have laid the framework of a combination of soft and hard skills necessary to succeed in the workplace, mainly learning how to successfully work in groups.

Describe your experience as a Universal Banker at Citi.

My tenure as a Universal Banker at Citi taught me effective time management and customer service skills in a fast-paced environment. Working alongside a supportive team, I learned the resilience essential for a career in finance, balancing a full-time class schedule with extensive work hours.

What has been your favorite opportunity at Pace?

Among my various roles, organizing an event featuring hedge fund manager Bill Ackman stands out as a thrilling opportunity due to the numerous moving parts and large team facilitating the event. 

With support from Lubin and Career Services, the event garnered a large attendance, and as the moderator, I was able to develop and ask interesting and engaging questions. 

Do you have any advice for other Lubin students?

Get involved early, network diligently, and maintain an updated resume. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from professors – leverage their invaluable real-world insights.

What does #LubinLife mean to you?

#LubinLife embodies a comprehensive educational experience, blending academic rigor with exposure to the finance industry. Lubin serves as both a support system and a gateway to success.

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