April 22, 2024

Financial wellbeing – Lloyds Banking Group plc

The Oswin project supports prison leavers by giving them a second chance and we start working with them in prison from our café and bakery and horticulture in the prison, to our farm, shops, our inside out teams and our café in the cathedral.

We are immensely grateful to The Lloyds Bank Academy for supporting our clients in bringing them and giving them some financial education.

The time that they’ve spent in prison has often, sort of, made them lose confidence in their own abilities and also, some people who have spent a long period of time in prison, things have changed.

We now have online banking, contactless, that they don’t know anything about.

The people are fantastic. They want to turn up.

They want to learn, they want to develop, and they’re just great people to work with.

I wanted to come along to the session today just to learn about the best way of budgeting for myself.

I learned about how to look online for different tools to use.

Having that kind of guidance was something I didn’t know I could have.

I’ve just started a new venture with a new business, so knowing how to budget is going to be very important for myself.

It’s so important to be brought up to date, to learn how to manage things and to be able to plan, to plan for the future, which is what the Oswin Project is all about.

Giving people hope.

Making them contributors for society again and looking forward.

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