April 22, 2024

SRC Digital Insurance Services Spearheads Crowdfunding Campaign to Digitally Connect Renewable Energy Stakeholders with Capital and Financial Markets

PETALUMA, Calif., April 03, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SRC Digital Insurance Services has kicked off the crowdfunding campaign for Blu Opportunity with K. Dixon Wright as its lead investor.

Crowdfunding is transforming the renewable energy sector as entrepreneurs can now access startup capital to create next generation products and services that operate in digital ecosystems, the Metaverse. These partnerships are set to revolutionize the way stakeholders in the renewable energy sector connect with capital and financial markets, leveraging the DOE Orange Button initiative to establish a comprehensive open standards based digital ecosystem to enhance efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Financing

“With the urgent need to connect renewable energy initiatives with the capital and financial markets more efficiently, our partnerships are more than strategic collaborations; they are a leap towards redefining the financial landscape of the renewable energy sector,” said K. Dixon Wright, President of SRC Digital Insurance Services. “This is about creating a seamless digital ecosystem where capital flow is not just a transaction but a catalyst for sustainable energy solutions.”

SRC aims to streamline insurance and surety for power purchase agreements and introduce an on-bill administration model for utilities, showcasing a scalable and replicable model for digital innovation in energy financing. “Our collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the pursuit of sustainability,” noted Jan Rippingale, from Blu Banyan. “By joining forces with SRC Digital Insurance Services we are setting the stage for a future where digital solutions pave the way for significant advancements in renewable energy financing.”

Pioneering Digital Solutions with Concord Servicing

The partnership extends to groundbreaking projects with Concord Servicing, aimed at demonstrating the potential of this digital ecosystem to major utilities. Pilot projects include solar farms developed utilizing digital ecosystems connecting utilities, project owners, contractors and consumers with capital markets for financing, insurance and surety. These projects are a testament to the practical benefits and transformative potential of digital integration in renewable energy.

“Working with SRC Digital Insurance Services on this initiative has been an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of digital solutions in streamlining energy management and transactions,” said Tom Myers, from Concord Servicing. “It marks a step towards a new era in energy distribution and financial management.”

About SRC Digital Insurance Services

SRC Digital Insurance Services is at the forefront of digital innovation, specializing in connecting stakeholders within the “Industrial Metaverse” to capital and financial markets – the “Economic Metaverse”. Through cutting-edge digital solutions, SRC Digital is committed to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of energy financing and applying the improved administration and risk management to all types of next generation infrastructure.

About Blu Opportunity

Blu Opportunity – a pioneering FinTech company, is majority owned by Blu Banyan, a company that works with the US Department of Energy’s Orange Button Initiative to help with the digital transformation of the solar industry, to reduce market inefficiencies and lower costs for consumers. Blu Banyan’s award-winning SolarSuccess business management software is used by more than 60 of the fastest growing solar installers in the US.

For more information on Blu Opportunity:

Disrupting the solar loans market through an innovative lending platform

Blu Opportunity’s integration with the SolarSuccess platform allows for automated payment processing, simplifying and expediting the payment process.

About Concord Servicing

As a fintech company at the forefront of loan portfolio servicing, Concord delivers compliant, flexible, and scalable solutions to unique needs. To learn more about our loan servicing capabilities, contact us today at (866) 493-6393 or bd@concordservicing.com.

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K. Dixon Wright
SRC Digital Insurance Services

Jan Rippingale
Blu Banyan

Susan Kelly
Concord Servicing

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