April 25, 2024

Celebrity Big Brother 2024: Gary Goldsmith addresses Kate Middleton health rumours and hits out at Prince Harry

Kate’s uncle Gary describes Meghan as ‘stick in the spokes’ of royal family

Celebrity Big Brother is back, this year’s housemates are settling in and the antics are in full swing.

Months after the reality series titan returned on ITV, the celebrity version has been resurrected in the hopes of emulating the success of the latest civilian series, which was won by Jordan Sangha in November.

The contestants include X Factor judge Louis Walsh– who has already shocked viewers with an “incredibly rude” commentLove Island winner Ekin-Su and Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, the latter of whom has addressed his niece’s whereabouts after weeks of speculation.

Sharon Osbourne is also on the show but as a “celebrity lodger”, with her own private room. The star, who joins her fellow X Factor judge Walsh, is expected to be in the series for a few days only.

Previous versions of Celebrity Big Brother have created TV gold, from Tiffany Pollard’s iconic “David’s Dead” misunderstanding to George Galloway and Rula Lenska‘s creepy cat cosplay.

Follow along with all the live updates as CBB returns to ITV


ICYMI: This year’s CBB housemates

Here is the Celebrity Big Brother 2024 housemates – all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Going by the audience reaction during the live launch, this year’s favourites currently are: Nikita Kuzmin, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Marisha Wallace, Levi Roots, Bradley Riches and Fern Britton.

Jacob Stolworthy5 March 2024 17:00


Celebrity Big Brother viewers call out Louis Walsh for ‘incredibly rude’ comment

Celebrity Big Brother viewers are predicting Louis Walsh will be the “villain” of this year’s series after a series of “rude” comments.

The music manager, whose arrival in the house has led to some controversy, is known by many as a judge on ITV talent show The X Factor. Joining him on the reality series are stars including Fern Britton, Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith and his one-time X Factor co-star Sharon Osbourne.

After entering the house, he was sent into a secret lair with Osbourne, who was tasked with “judging” which three housemates gave the worst first impressions.

Here, Walsh and Obsourne could be seen commenting on each new arrival, with Walsh in particular paying attention to people’s appearance. At one stage, he wondered if Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon “has had a bit of work”, and said that “forgetful” Coronation Street actor Colson Smith had “big ears”.

But it’s a moment in Tuesday night’s episode (5 March) that raised eyebrows among viewers. It arrived when Walsh spotted Simon sitting on one of the few double beds in the bedroom.

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 23:00


Sharon nominates housemate for eviction

After placing Zeze, David and Gary in danger of being nominated on night one, Sharon was told by Big Brother to make her pick after interviewing each three.

She chooses Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, stating: “I don’t hin he’s that comfortable here – I think he’s awkward with himself being here, too. It’s very tough for him – I think he’s brave to have come in here. I somehow don’t think this is the place for him. He’s just the oddball out from everyone that’s in here.”

Gary Goldsmith (Ray Burmiston/ITV/PA)

(PA Media)

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:54


Gary says niece Kate Middleton is getting ‘best care in the world

A question on everyone’s lips in recent weeks has been centred on the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, who has been out of the limelight due to a mystery illness.

Well, step forward Ekin-Su, who straight up asks her uncle Gary where she is.

Naturally, he remains coy on the subject, but assures his fellow housemates that she is getting the “best care in the world” and “will be back” soon.

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:32


Fern Britton spills the beans on This Morning

“Genuinely, I haven’t been there for 15 years – I got off the train and it’s way over the horizon now, so I honestly don’t know,” she said of recent furore behind the scenes.

She continued: “I can’t say anything. It was tricky at times. I think Ben [Shephard] and Cat [Deeley] are going to do a great job.”

When Gary said Phillip Schofield might enter the house as a surprise contestant, she looked alarmed and told him: “That didn’t happen – yet. Maybe he’s coming in as a surprise. I might have to leave at that point.”

Find out what happened between the pair:

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:29


Gary says Prince Harry should be stripped of royal title

Fern says to Gary: “William must be furious that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders when he could have shared it.” Gary agrees, and says he “thinks he’s done an amazing job” in a “horrible situation”, and “desperately feels” William has extended several olive branches to Harry.

“I genuinely think they should take the titles away,” he said of Harry and Meghan.

Elsewhere, when Fern says she has money on David Cameron becoming the next Tory leader, Garysays he’s “heard” that might be a thing, revealing that he’s not a fan of Rishi Sunak.

He also likes Trump, so there’s that.

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:13


Louis remembers his time on The X Factor

Louis says he “didn’t always get along with Cheryl” when he worked with her on The X Factor.

He also tells Marisha and Ekin-Su he worked for two days with Britney Spears on the US version of the show, saying: “She was there, but she wasn’t relaly there. She had earplugs in.”

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:11


Sharon struck a great deal with Big Brother producers

Not only does she have her own room away from the other housemates, but she gets to lie in for, seemingly, as long as she wants. Whatever you think of her, that’s pretty legendary.

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:06


Here we go!

The next episode is here! Who will Sharon pick to face the public vote? We’ll be finding out in the next hour.

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 21:01


Less than one hour to go…

Hello! And welcome to night three of CBB.

Will Louis and David lock horns again tonight? Will Gary spill any royal secrets? And will Ekin-Su confide in agony aunt Fern again?

Jacob Stolworthy6 March 2024 20:50

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