June 16, 2024

Charlotte Dawson shares health update after baby son’s frightening hospital dash

Charlotte Dawson has given a health update after she had to rush her seven-month-old baby son to hospital during a chaotic few days

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Charlotte Dawson has shared a health update on her seven-month-old son Jude after he was rushed to hospital last week.

The 31-year-old, who is the daughter of late legendary comedian Les Dawson, posted a number of photos on her Instagram page on Friday night as she spent time with her two sons as she looked to chill out after a frantic few days. Sharing with her 1.3 million followers, Charlotte told her followers: “Friday chill night with my babys. Feels so good to be back home sweet home with my Jude.”

Charlotte went on to explain what has happened over the past week, including a hospital dash for her baby son. She said: “Another scary little moment with our cherub but he is on the meant Thank god & so happy to be reunited with his big brother… the love they have for each other is everything we are so lucky & blessed. Bronchitis/RSV really needs to be talked about more!!”

Charlotte Dawson gave a health update after a challenging week
Charlotte Dawson has shared that her baby son suffered another attack of bronchitis

The influencer continued: “”From when he was last in hospital with it all 7 weeks I saw the difference in him now at 7 months being able to fight it off quicker & he is stronger and older.. but now his chest & breathing are still really bad. It’s so scary really is…”

She added: “Whilst daddy watched rugby and Jude was asleep mummy & Noah watched films & had popcorn in bed with our magical light that we found from our old house.” The terrifying hospital dash happened on Thursday after Jude was struggling to breathe. Charlotte shared a video from the hospital, telling her followers: “Oh, guys, it’s been a scary, crazy 24 hours again, with little monkey. We’re back in hospital. It’s like deja vu, isn’t it? With his bronchitis again.”

Charlotte Dawson with fiancé Matt Sarsfield and their two sons

Bronchitis has troubled Jude during his early weeks with him being rushed to hospital when seven weeks old, with Charlotte admitting that if she and her fiancé Matt Sarsfield hadn’t taken action so quickly, their son could have died. While they thought he was suffering the effects of a cold, Charlotte said they had to intervene when Jude started turning blue with difficulties with his breathing.

Doctors admitted that another 24 hours and the baby boy “would have died” if he hadn’t been treated, with Jude being hooked up to oxygen for six days while staying in hospital. Charlotte and Matt welcome their first son, Noah, in January 2021 before Jude was born, without pain relief, in July last year.

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