May 30, 2024

Child rapist can STAY in UK after arguing being deported would harm his mental health

A CHILD rapist can stay in the UK after arguing being deported would harm his mental health.

The fiend, who cannot be named, was jailed for attacking a teenage girl and was to be kicked out in 2014.

A child rapist can STAY in the UK after arguing being deported would harm his mental healthCredit: Getty

But he appealed, claiming he could not be treated for depression or PTSD in his native Eritrea, East Africa.

Last month his appeal was upheld after a doctor witness said he would be more likely to take his life if returned to his home country.

He was also likely to have been punished for evading a military draft by fleeing here as a teenager.

The decision to allow his appeal was made despite a security report finding he posed a medium risk to the public if he lived freely in the UK.

Tory MP Nigel Mills said: “This man committed a serious criminal offence and should be nowhere near this country.

“If he was concerned about losing mental health treatment or being arrested for fleeing the draft, he should have thought about that before he committed the crime.

“This decision is another sign the tribunal system is deeply out of touch with the rest of Britain.”

It comes days after we revealed failed asylum-seeker Anicet Mayela had pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl nearly 19 years after he was saved from deportation by cabin crew on an Air France flight.

Failed asylum seeker whose deportation was blocked by do-gooder cabin crew pleads guilty to raping 15-year-old girl

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