May 29, 2024

Health experts issue fake Botox injection warning as people left unable to breathe or move

A worrying influx in fake Botox, nicknamed ‘faux-tox’, in the market combined with people receiving treatment in non-healthcare settings has experts concerned as people have been hospitalised

People have been hospitalised after being injected with a counterfeit Botox(Getty Images)

Health officials have warned of the threat posed by illegitimate Botox injections amid a wave of hospitalisations.

The harmful reactions are reportedly the result of counterfeit material or untrained injection administering. In New York, Health Department officials recorded three people were receiving treatment for various symptoms, including double vision, drooping eyelids, and difficulty swallowing, breathing and raising their arms.

The illnesses come amid CDC reports of illness among 22 individuals who had received botox injections in “non-healthcare settings” like homes and spas, 11 of which were sent to hospital for treatment. All are women aged 25 to 49, most around age 40.

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Illness has been reported in 22 individuals who received Botox in non-healthcare settings(Getty Images)

The New York City Health Department added that the three people who had to seek emergency treatment had received injections of botulinum toxin in their face, neck, upper back or armpits. Two were hospitalised and one was admitted to intensive care.

Some of the symptoms, including blurred vision and drooping eyelids, occurred near the injection site, while others were more widespread, including fatigue and generalised weakness. Other worrying symptoms include constipation, incontinence, dry mouth and difficult lifting the head, according to the FDA.

Dr Adam Friedman, dermatologist and chair of dermatology at George Washington University explained adverse reactions to legitimate Botox injections are usually the result of “poor technique” like injecting the toxin into the wrong muscle or in the wrong location. He added: “But if these patients might be going into respiratory distress or failure because of systemic poisoning, that’s different from what doctors usually see.”

Experts have warned that the increase in Botox parties and non-healthcare clinic settings is increasing the risk(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Dr. Kate Dee, a physician and founder of Glow Medispa in Seattle, said the illnesses were the fault of unregulated medical spas, an industry now worth $15 billion (£12 billion). Dr Dee said: “The problem is not that there’s fake Botox around and doctors might accidentally use it.

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