April 22, 2024

Historic grant to improve intersex people’s health and wellbeing

“In most Australian jurisdictions, people in this population remain at risk of, or experience, unnecessary medical interventions, often pre-empting their ability to consent.”

In 2023, the ACT became the first Australian state or territory to enact new legislation preventing contested medical interventions on people with IVSC without informed consent.

Canberra Health Services, a project partner, runs public hospital and health care services in the ACT, including a new paediatric psychosocial support service for people with IVSC.

Intersex advocates and LGBTQIA+ groups hope other jurisdictions will introduce similar reforms and services.

However, Dr Carpenter said more needs to be done.

“We want to drive improvements to healthcare and its management, ensure that health and wellbeing needs are effectively met in a timely way, and ensure that treatment practices respect fundamental human rights norms and community expectations,” he said.

The project aims to fill gaps in knowledge about the health and wellbeing of people with IVSC through a landmark national survey.

Ms Hart, a Deputy Executive Director at IHRA, said the project would also evaluate and strengthen Australia’s new community and hospital centres of expertise in psychosocial support and develop new ethically defensible bioethical approaches to treating people with IVSC.

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