April 23, 2024

Kate Middleton news: Prince Harry ‘will have explaining to do’ if he doesn’t return to the UK

Prince William has grown much closer to Queen Camilla and the pair have now formed a tight bond – despite the future king’s feelings towards her initially being “complicated”, a royal expert has revealed.

Despite his privileged background, William has faced many personal challenges. He’s had to deal with the loss of his beloved mother and grandmother, the estrangement from his brother Prince Harry, his father’s cancer diagnosis and now his wife is battling the same harsh disease. The list of people Prince William can turn to for personal support is limited.

However, after a few rocky years, there is one family member that 41 year old William can look to for guidance simply because they find themselves in the same tough situation – and the pair are “putting on a brave face” together while their partners go through their battles.

“Recent events have obviously brought Prince William and Queen Camilla much closer,” former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond said. “They have been left, almost literally, nursing the crown while the King and the Princess recover.”

Talking about how the relationship between the pair will have been strengthened since the King and Kate were both being treated at the London Clinic back in January, Jennie tells OK!: “Times of adversity often bring people much closer together. For all the progress that has been made in cancer treatment, it is still a scary thing.

“And while Camilla and William put on a brave face for the world (and no doubt for their spouses too), there may be times when they confide in one another about how they are dealing with it all. When the late Queen died, William spoke of how she had been at his side at ‘the happiest moments’ and ‘saddest days of his life’. Now, Camilla is sharing some of those times with him and it must surely cement their relationship.”

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