April 23, 2024

Louise Thompson shares son’s ‘upsetting’ reaction to her return home after health scare

Louise Thompson has shared an update on her time in hospital with fans, admitting she was previously “upset” with her son’s reaction.

The Made In Chelsea star recently spent more than two weeks in hospital, after her health declined on a family holiday. The 33 year old has documented her ups and downs with her health over the last few years, including her difficult childbirth experience in 2021, and her lupus diagnosis the following December.

Most recently, the influencer told fans she ended up in hospital after becoming ill while on holiday with fiancé Ryan Libbey and son Leo in Antigua. Her physical and mental decline meant she required hospital treatment for weeks, during which time she wasn’t sure if she wanted her son Leo to visit her in hospital.

After 12 days without a visit from her son, she decided to let him visit and described it as “pure magic.” Louise went on to say that his visit was the “motivation” she needed to push her on to get home.

Louise Thompson has opened up about her decision to let Leo visit her in hospital(Image: louise.thompson/instagram)

Thankfully, Louise made it home days later and “everything went back to normal,” however, she told fans that last time she returned home from the hospital, Leo’s reaction “upset” her. She said: “The good news is that when I came home everything went back to normal. He has been wonderful and things feel good.

“I have to admit that when I was in hospital last January (don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how silly this all feels) things were a little worse when I came home so I was apprehensive .He was really rather angry at me for a day. He wouldn’t come near me and I found it.

Louise Thompson shared a health update from hospital
Louise asked fans what their thoughts are on letting children visit hospitals(Image: louise.thompson/instagram)

“He wouldn’t come near me and I found it v upsetting. He was behaving like I’d abandoned him. I’m not sure why the change in age has made such a big difference to his reaction but things felt easier this time.⁣”

The reality TV star went on to ask her fans what their thoughts were on letting children visit hospitals. She posed the question “does anyone know anything about the psychology of a child visiting their parent in hospital?”

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