June 16, 2024

Paul O’Grady fans left ‘in tears’ as he makes stark health admission in last series: ‘Something for my heart’

Paul O’Grady fans were left in tears on Sunday night after watching the stars final series where he visited Thailand, as elephants run dogs a close second in his heart.

During the two part series, O’Grady celebrates the work done by conservation centres to rescue, rehabilitate and protect elephants.

He began his travels tonight to the jungle surrounding Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, an area where more than half the country’s 3,500 domesticated elephants live.

It’s also home to the Elephant Nature Park, run by renowned conservationist Lek Chailert, leaving O’Grady to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to helping the endangered species.

During the first episode tonight, O’Grady was looking at the art of Thai medicine which helped the elephants and decided to do a research of his own.

When asked what kind of herbs and remedies he was looking for, O’Grady promptly responded: “Something for my heart. I have some varicose veins and some other personal issues.”

Paul O'Grady

Paul O’Grady fans were left in tears as he made a health admission


On March 28, 2023, the Battersea Ambassador died suddenly of a cardiac arrythmia and left the nation stunned at his death.

Eagle-eyed fans picked up on the comment from O’Grady about his heart and took to their X accounts to express their sadness.

One user noted: “The comment about his heart! Oh Paul we all miss you so much, your caring nature was really highlighted tonight.”

“Can’t stop crying at Paul’s Elephant Adventure tonight. His way with animals is stunning and such a rare find! The comment about his heart had me in tears though,” another added.

Paul O'Grady

The series was the last thing Paul filmed before he died


One penned: “Paul had such a magic way about him when it came to animals. Should have been a Sir, he was a legend, funny, kind, loved his animals, compassionate, and hard working!”

“Paul had such a magic way about him when it came to animals,” a fourth said before another commented: “Watching the fabulous #paulogrady I really do miss him.

“It’s funny it’s almost like he was family as he’d been part of my life for 30 odd years albeit on the TV.” (sic)

The second part is set to air next week and will see O’Grady head south near the beaches of Hua Hin to the Wildlife Friends Foundation, the country’s biggest wildlife hospital.

Paul O'Grady

Paul O’Grady was seen for the final time


Looking after any animal in need, the WFFT is sanctuary to 24 elephants mostly rescued from “entertainment camps”, where they performed in circuses, or work tirelessly in trekking camps taking holidaymakers for a ride.

Paul’s trademark love for animals shines through as he mucks in with those looking after the majestic, but endangered, animals.

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