April 23, 2024

The One Health approach is good for people, animals, and the planet

The QEAM 2 brings together the principals of the four organizations to discuss how the Quadripartite can further enhance its policy impact and mobilize sustainable resources to support One Health implementation at all levels. One of the key outcomes anticipated from the meeting is the endorsement of the Quadripartite’s Joint Offer to deliver on the One Health Joint Plan of Action

Through the Offer, the Quadripartite commits to further investments in One Health, to chart the path towards health, economic, environmental, and social sustainability, which is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In tandem with its global advocacy, the Quadripartite has prioritized these actions: 

Guidance on the One Health Joint Plan of Action Implementation

After the launch of the Joint Plan of Action in October 2022, the Quadripartite has supported national action, including formulating and publishing technical policy guidance documents such as “One Health and the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework – Guidance for United Nations Country Teams” in November 2023 and the guide to implementing the One Health Joint Plan of Action at national-level launched in December 2023 at COP28.

Raising political will and ambition

Recognizing the importance of political will in driving the adoption of One Health, the Quadripartite has collaborated with the One Health Group of Friends to ensure the holistic integration of One Health principles in the INB process mentioned above for the pandemic agreement.

Strengthening science, knowledge, and evidence base

A cornerstone of the Quadripartite’s work is enhancing science, knowledge, and evidence to improve One Health in practice. In 2023, the One Health High-Level Expert Panel collated existing One Health resources and tools, developed a white paper on One Health surveillance systems, and a paper on “prevention of zoonotic spillover: from relying on response to reducing the risk at source” to advocate for mitigation of zoonotic spillover and disease spread. In addition, the Quadripartite conducted a collaborative One Health Intelligence Scoping Study, which evaluated global intelligence prospects and proposed a framework for establishing a One Health Intelligence System.

Mobilizing sustainable investments

The Quadripartite facilitated the inception of a Quadripartite-Powered Community of Practice (CoP) for Return on Investment in One Health and the One Health Investment Planning pilot in selected countries. The Community of Practice serves as an inclusive, multidisciplinary platform where members can exchange insights, experiences, and evidence about investment returns, economic evaluations, and strategic planning within the realm of One Health.

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