April 25, 2024

Trisha Goddard says stage four cancer has returned as she issues health update

Trisha Goddard has reassured fans she will “keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed” as she opens up about the return of her breast cancer diagnosis.

In a new interview with her doting husband, the 66-year-old broadcaster confessed that her cancer has returned after previously being diagnosed and recovering from the illness in 2008. She explained how she has been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer – also known as metastatic or stage 4 breast cancer – for which there is treatment but no cure.

The star received a diagnosis 19 months ago but has only decided to share the news publicly this week. Trisha said: “It’s not going to go away and with that knowledge comes grief and fear.

“But I must keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed.” The TV legend – who presented a talk show on Channel 5 from 2005 to 2009 – after previously hosting the BAFTA award winning show Trisha on ITV from 1998 to 2004.

Trisha Goddard admits cancer has returned but insists she will enjoy life(Image: ITV)

The star discussed her terminal cancer diagnosis and says she is only now informing the public that it has returned because she felt pressure from keeping the diagnosis to herself. However, she insisted that she doesn’t want to be seen as “frail” by fans or those around her.

Speaking to Hello magazine, the TV icon confessed she was tired of hiding her health issues from those she hadn’t yet confided in. She explained: “I can’t lie; I can’t keep making up stories.

“It gets to a stage, after a year and a half, when keeping a secret becomes more of a burden than anything else.” The TV star went on to share her fears about her diagnosis, adding: “My worry is that people will start seeing me as a frail little thing, and that if [the news] got out, I’d be judged, or people would change the way they are with me, or that I wouldn’t work.

The broadcaster received her stage four cancer diagnosis 19 months ago(Image: ITV)

“I’m a journalist; I don’t want to be ‘the story’. I don’t want to be interviewing someone and for them to say to me, ‘I’m so sorry’.”

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