Auour Investments LLC Acquires New Position in Tyra Biosciences, Inc.

September 17, 2023 – Auour Investments LLC has recently acquired a new position in shares of Tyra Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:TYRA), according to the company’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. During the second quarter, the institutional investor purchased 85,020 shares of Tyra Biosciences’ stock, amounting to approximately $1,448,000. As of its most recent SEC filing, Auour Investments LLC owned approximately 0.20% of Tyra Biosciences.

Tyra Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that primarily focuses on developing next-generation precision medicines for fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) biology. The company has introduced its proprietary SNÅP platform, which enables precise drug design through iterative molecular snapshots to predict genetic alterations. This technology has proven beneficial in developing therapies for oncology and genetically defined conditions.

In light of these recent developments, several brokerages have shared their opinions on Tyra Biosciences. Wedbush reaffirmed an “outperform” rating and established a target price of $27.00 for the company’s shares in a report released on August 11th. Similarly, HC Wainwright lifted their price target from $17.00 to $20.00 and provided a “buy” rating for Tyra Biosciences’ stock in their report on the same day.

These positive ratings reflect confidence in Tyra Biosciences’ potential as a biotechnology company specializing in precision medicines targeting FGFR biology. The acquisition by Auour Investments LLC further demonstrates investors’ interest in the future prospects of the company.

Overall, as noted by various financial institutions and investments firms, Tyra Biosciences appears to be well-positioned within its industry and has garnered positive attention from experts in the field. It will be interesting to observe how these recent developments shape the future trajectory of Tyra Biosciences and its continued efforts to advance precision medicines for FGFR biology.

Tyra Biosciences, Inc.



Updated on: 18/09/2023

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Tyra Biosciences Sees Changes in Institutional Investors and Insider Transactions

Tyra Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, has recently seen changes in its institutional investors and hedge funds positions. Notably, UBS Group AG increased its stake in Tyra Biosciences by 28.8% during the 1st quarter of this year. The company now owns 4,619 shares worth $74,000 after acquiring an additional 1,032 shares during the period. Rhumbline Advisers also boosted its stake by 5.7% during the same quarter and now owns 21,926 shares worth $352,000. Woodline Partners LP followed with a slight increase of 0.5%, owning 266,161 shares worth $2,848,000 after acquiring an additional 1,416 shares. Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc., on the other hand, experienced a 2.4% lift during the 4th quarter and now holds 98,503 shares valued at $749,000 after purchasing an additional 2,328 shares. Barclays PLC had the most significant boost in holdings at a staggering 544.1%, owning 3,581 shares worth $27,000 after acquiring an additional 3,025 shares.

In terms of stock transactions within Tyra Biosciences itself, COO Daniel Bensen sold a total of 3,900 shares on Friday, July 21st at an average price of $16.01 per share for a total transaction value of $62,439.00. Following this sale, Bensen currently owns approximately 527,
981 shares valued at $8,452975.81 within the company as recorded in official filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally,
CEO Todd Harris sold around
shares on Thursday,
22nd at an average price of $
04 per share amounting to $
Harris now holds
988 shares valued at $
Another sale made by COO Daniel Bensen involved 3,900 shares on Friday, July 21st at an average price of $16.01 per share for a total transaction value of $62,439.00. Following this particular transaction, the chief operating officer’s stake in the company stands at approximately 527,981 shares with an estimated value of $8,452,975.81.

In total, insiders have sold around 50,897 shares of Tyra Biosciences stock worth $853,262 over the past three months. This represents 18.40% of the company’s total stock.

Tyra Biosciences primarily focuses on developing next-generation precision medicines for fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) biology. The company’s key product is SNÅP, an in-house precision medicine platform that utilizes molecular snapshots to predict genetic alterations in order to develop oncology and genetically defined condition therapies.

Currently, TYRA is trading at $14.59 with a volume of 21,425 shares traded on Friday alone. It has a 50-day moving average price of $14.98 and a 200-day moving average price of $14.71. Over the past year, Tyra Biosciences’ stock has fluctuated between its lowest point at $5.50 and its highest point at $19.74.

Overall, these recent developments in Tyra Biosciences’ institutional investors and hedge funds positions as well as insider transactions provide insight into the company’s financial activities and market performance throughout the year thus far.

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