April 22, 2024

EDF customer slashes energy bill by £228 thanks to ‘small change’

Thousands of households have cut their energy bills this winter by making a “small” change to their energy usage, with the top saver managing to save hundreds of pounds.

Britons may be able to save money on their energy bill by shifting energy usage to outside of selected periods.

More than 139,000 EDF customers have taken part in their “Beat the Peak” scheme this winter, which offers the chance to earn account credit for cutting electricity usage during National Grid ESO events.

On average, EDF participants for all nine events have earned an average of £12.56, but the top 20 per cent have made £30.40.

Energy bill statement on phone

More than 139,000 EDF customers have taken part in their “Beat the Peak” scheme this winter


Thousands of households have earned more than £50, however, with the top five per cent earning £51.90 on average.

The top earner has so far achieved £228 off their energy bills, EDF said.

More than 11,000 prepayment customers have taken part in the scheme.

Those prepayment users who shifted energy usage in all of the schemes saved £12.03 on average.

How does Beat the Peak work?

Eligible customers can earn credit on their energy bills account by cutting their usage of electricity within peak hours when National Grid ESO runs an event.

Using smart meter data, the energy supplier then compares how much electricity customers have reduced their usage by and credits their account.

According to National Energy Action, showering outside the peak times could see customers earn between £5.24 and £7.88, while putting the washing machine on later could mean savings of £3 to £7.20.

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director for Customers at EDF commented: “At EDF we are committed to helping our customers identify the best ways to save cash and carbon in their homes.

“With ‘Beat the Peak’ many of our smart meter customers are seeing the benefit of reducing their energy usage during peak hours to earn themselves a credit on their bill, as well as saving carbon and helping to reduce pressure on the grid.

“By installing a smart meter, customers can access a range of benefits, such as better understanding their energy consumption so they can make small changes to reduce their bills and carbon footprint, as well as accessing smart tariffs and demand flexibility schemes to earn them some extra cash.”

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