April 25, 2024

Four tips to make money FAST on Vinted

A WOMAN has shared how you can make money on Vinted, and fast.

So if your wardrobe is bursting open with clothes you haven’t worn in years and you fancy earning yourself some extra cash, you’ll need to pay attention. 

A Vinted seller has shared four simple tips that will sell your items, and fastCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica
Bibi-Jane explained that your photos are key – and you should upload a picture of you wearing the item of clothingCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica
A photo of the back of the item is also keyCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica

Bibi-Jane, a savvy Vinted seller shared her four tips that will ensure you make more sales on the online marketplace app

Posting on social media, Bibi-Jane said: “My tips for how to get more sales on Vinted.”

When it comes to the photos you upload on Vinted, Bibi-Jane advised: “Have at least one photo of you wearing the item.”

Not only this, but she also suggested taking images of your items from different angles too.

She added: “And a photo of the front and back of the item.”

Where the description of your items is concerned, there are four things Bibi-Jane advises to include.

She suggested: “I always mention these four things in the description: how long the model is, what size they usually wear, ‘message me if you have any questions’, and ‘my bundle discount is on’.” 

If you’ve never done ‘bumping’ on the app before, Bibi-Jane explained: “Do not bump items that you just listed.”

Bibi-Jane later revealed that a ‘bump’ is “like a ‘boost’. You can pay Vinted to boost your items and let them appear on top of the search.”

And finally, according to this Vinted seller, the background of your images is key.

I work at Vinted and my secret picture formula will help you sell items much quicker – it’s all about these five key shots –

She concluded: “Use unique backgrounds to stand out.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @bibijaneangelica, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up almost 9,500 likes. 

What is ‘bumping’ on Vinted?

An ‘Item Bump’ is a paid feature you can use for individual items from your wardrobe to increase your chances of selling. 

When you bump an item, it is then displayed higher in members’ Newsfeeds and search results, for either three or seven consecutive days, or until the item is sold (whichever comes first).

Bumping an item allows you to receive more visibility, reach the right members and track weekly updates.

The cost of an Item Bump depends on the price you’ve chosen for your listing, and also the duration of the bump.

New rules to be aware of

But if you fancy clearing out your wardrobe and getting rid of your old stuff on Vinted, you’ll need to consider the new tax shake-up that recently came into play.

Since January 1, digital platforms, including eBay, Airbnb, Etsy, Amazon and Vinted, must share seller information with HMRC as part of a crackdown.

You’re unlikely to be affected if you only sell a handful of second-hand items online each year – but firms now have to pass on your data to HMRC if you sell 30 or more items a year or earn over £1,700.

It is part of a wider tax crackdown to help ensure that those who boost their income via side hustles pay up what they owe.

While your data won’t be shared with HMRC if you earn between £1,000 and £1,700, you’ll still need to pay tax as normal.

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Bibi-Jane explained that unique backgrounds will help your items to stand out on VintedCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica
She also suggested ‘bumping’ itemsCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica
When it comes to the description, there are four things Bibi-Jane suggests you includeCredit: tiktok/bibijaneangelica

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