April 21, 2024

AI & cloud technology synergy boosts business performance, study suggests

The synergistic union of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technology is proving to be a game-changer for businesses, enhancing operational capabilities and fostering IT agility. A recent study discovered that while 70% of organisations are already utilising AI services within a cloud environment, 32% are only experimenting with these tools without establishing the necessary infrastructure to maximise efficacy.

Mark Appleton, Chief Customer Officer at ALSO Cloud UK, elaborates on the potential gains from integrating AI and cloud services, saying, “Combining AI and cloud could drive business growth by making the company more strategically competitive and technologically well structured.” He further emphasized that AI could process enormous quantities of data to make decisions fitting for the business, while the cloud offers flexible storage and access options, all within a cost-effective framework.

Appleton believes that to select the appropriate solutions, IT leaders need a clear sight of their goals be it bolstering operational efficiency, innovating products, or creating new revenue streams. He said, “How can cloud and AI address the current gaps in your workflows, data, and skills? Organisations can align their cloud and AI initiatives with their business aims to choose the appropriate cloud and AI service depending on needs, budget, and expertise.”

By merging AI and Cloud technology, businesses stand to reap multiple benefits. Said technology can speed up work processes while decreasing error rates, two critical elements in meeting the demand for swift and precise solutions. It can also automate complex tasks, optimise system performance and process significantly greater volumes of data. Combining this with cloud-based tools like predictive analytics can lead to an agile work structure, swift yet reliable data-informed decisions and free up employee time for other complex tasks.

Data protection is of paramount importance with the growing amount of data stored in the cloud. Appleton is confident that data protection can be cost-effectively achieved through the combination of AI and cloud tech. He stated, “As companies grow, so do their operations and data. On-premise solutions can be not only costly but also less secure. Cloud computing eliminates the need for physical infrastructure, while AI can process large amounts of data to provide research insights without having to factor in additional expenses.”

Appleton further outlined how AI can immediately detect inconsistencies in data and act to mitigate potential threats in real-time. He concluded by observing, “Integrating AI and the cloud presents possibilities for rapid advancements in today’s competitive technology market. By choosing solutions that fit the organisation’s specific needs, IT leaders can create a cloud and AI infrastructure that allows businesses to work smarter and utilise the potential of data and intelligent algorithms to scale their businesses.”

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