June 13, 2024

‘ASUS’ display supremacy’: A conversation with Arnold Su on OLED technology and future trends

In an exclusive conversation with Arnold Su, Vice President of Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, we delve into the remarkable reception and technological advancements of ASUS’s latest offering in the Indian market—the Zenbook DUO.

Renowned for its innovative dual OLED screen, the Zenbook DUO has captivated the Indian audience, marking a significant milestone in ASUS’s quest to revolutionise the consumer and gaming PC landscape. Su emphasises the company’s dedication to providing an exceptional display experience, driven by a robust research and development framework. 

The interaction explores ASUS’s strategic approach to maintaining “display supremacy” through their state-of-the-art OLED technology, the diverse target market for their OLED laptops, and the unique features of the new Lumina OLED displays. Additionally, Su highlights ASUS’s eco-friendly initiatives and upcoming innovations that promise to set new benchmarks in the tech industry. 

PD: ASUS recently launched the Zenbook DUO in the Indian market, what has been the response towards the OLED DUO screen from the Indian audience?

Arnold Su: Zenbook Duo demonstrates our quest for delivering innovative products centred around exceptional display experience. So far, the market has responded overwhelmingly positively to our new Zenbook DUO featuring full-sized dual OLED screens. ASUS takes pride in spearheading the OLED PC market in the country with a comprehensive range of ASUS OLED products, which have secured a dominant position in the industry. As more consumers engage with ASUS OLED products, they are drawn towards the superior visual experience. We expect this trend to persist as consumers increasingly recognise and appreciate the superior multitasking capability, cutting-edge technology, and superior display on our laptops.

PD: The company is increasingly introducing products that boast of state-of-the-art OLED displays, what is the R&D deployed to ensure ASUS’ “display supremacy”? 

Arnold Su: At ASUS, we have always focused on a design thinking approach while encouraging bottom-up creativity. Therefore, aligned with this, we allocate significant resources to research and development to maintain our commitment to display excellence. Our dedicated team of talented workforce puts in diligent efforts to innovate and refine OLED display technology, aiming at key aspects such as colour accuracy, brightness, contrast ratios, and energy efficiency. We employ advanced testing and calibration practices to ensure our displays meet the highest industry standards and provide an exceptional visual experience. Through continuous collaboration with industry-leading partners and investment in cutting-edge technologies, we are able to uphold our reputation for display supremacy in our products.

PD: Who remains the primary market for the ASUS’ laptop series that comes with OLED displays?

Arnold Su: Our vision is to democratise innovative technologies in the market where we operate. And this holds true for the Indian market as well. ASUS OLED laptops are designed for a wide range of users, as we believe everyone should benefit from features such as low blue light emissions, energy efficiency, vivid colours, high contrast, and refresh rates. Our diverse portfolio of ASUS OLED products spans all price segments, ensuring accessibility for all consumers. However, if we were to identify a specific target market, content creators emerge as an important audience. Content creators benefit significantly from OLED displays due to their wide colour gamut, colour accuracy, and high dynamic range, which enable them to view their work with precision/details. 

PD: What are the new Lumina OLED displays that are integrated into ASUS OLED laptops? How do they differ from mainstream OLED technology and why should they be of interest to content creators and other professionals who require colour accuracy?

Arnold Su: ASUS Lumina OLED displays represent a significant advancement in display technology, setting us apart from competitors who also utilise OLED panels. These displays are meticulously integrated with exclusive ASUS features such as Pantone Validated colour accuracy, TUV Rheinland-certified low blue light and flicker-free dimming, ASUS Splendid customisable colour gamut, OLED power saving, and ASUS OLED Care. This integration ensures the delivery of an unparalleled OLED experience. 

ASUS Lumina OLED is particularly suited for content creators, offering Delta E

PD: What eco-friendly features does the new ASUS OLED laptop include, and how do they contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts?

Arnold Su: Reflecting on the evolution of our product offerings, we have been committed to delivering high-performance computing coupled with sustainable technology. ASUS has long explored eco-friendly materials in its products. In 2007, we launched our first sustainable notebook, the ASUS Bamboo Series. It received numerous environmental certifications and accolades for its revolutionary engineering and design. Since then, coming on to the latest launched Zenbook DUO, we have integrated recycled materials, setting a new standard for eco-conscious computing without compromising on performance or style. This dedication to environmental stewardship has earned ASUS recognition as part of the prestigious Climate Leaders Asia-Pacific for the second consecutive time. 

Our sustainability efforts are further reinforced by the ASUS 2025 Sustainability Goals, which focus on a circular economy, responsible manufacturing, climate action, and value creation. These goals extend across the value chain, from suppliers to operations, aiming for a 30% reduction in carbon intensity by 2025 and responsible sourcing of materials like tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, and cobalt. Additionally, we are committed to achieving 100% renewable energy use in our Taiwan-based operations by 2030 and worldwide offices by 2035, while also striving for a global recycling rate of 20% for ASUS products to promote a circular economy.

PD: For 2024, are there any new technology-first innovations and upgrades that we can see from ASUS in the coming months?

Arnold Su: Certainly. At ASUS, we are always in search of incredible. We are always working towards enabling new experiences for our users and 2024 is no exception. We’re introducing groundbreaking advancements integrated with AI across our new devices, revolutionising user experiences. With ASUS Lumina OLED, we’re enhancing visuals with greater accuracy, adaptability, and reliability. 
Take, for instance, our recently launched Zenbook 14 OLED, which features Intel’s AI-powered Core Ultra 7 processors seamlessly integrated with Intel Arc graphics. These processors deliver immersive graphics and high performance while conserving power, empowering users to navigate work, gaming, and creative pursuits with extended battery life. 

Our consumer notebooks are designed for supreme flexibility, offering diverse use cases to meet various needs. Additionally, we’re enhancing our gaming portfolio with customisable designs, immersive audio, and powerful visuals. Notably, ASUS leads the way with the implementation of Windows Studio Effect, leveraging Neural Processing Units for features like automatic framing and background blur to conserve battery life. This commitment to cutting-edge technology is further exemplified by our early adoption of AI technologies like DLSS in gaming laptops since 2019, solidifying ASUS’s position at the forefront of providing AI experiences for years to come.

PD: Can you share information on some of the consumers favourite OLED laptop models and what led to their popularity?

Arnold Su: Zenbook S 13 OLED: The Zenbook S 13 OLED stands out for its remarkable combination of portability and performance. We take pride in its featherlight 1kg design and ultra-slim 1cm profile, making it the world’s thinnest OLED ultralight laptop. Our engineers meticulously crafted each component to achieve this feat, including using an aluminium bezel for a thinner profile and ensuring a comprehensive port array without sacrificing slimness. The stunning ASUS Lumina OLED display delivers brilliant visuals while prioritising eye protection, enhancing the overall user experience.

Zenbook 14 OLED: Boasting Intel’s AI-powered Core Ultra 7 processor seamlessly integrated with Intel Arc graphics, the Zenbook 14 OLED offers unparalleled performance and efficiency. Its sleek all-metal design, at just 14.9 mm thin and 1.2 kg light, combines aesthetics with durability for effortless mobility. The enhanced 75 Wh battery supports up to 20% more charging cycles, providing up to 15 hours of unplugged operation. USB-C® Easy Charge simplifies recharging from any suitable USB-C adapter, power outlet, or power bank.

Vivobook 15X OLED (M1503): Our recent bestseller, the Vivobook 15X OLED (M1503), has garnered immense popularity for its exceptional value proposition. Featuring an advanced 120Hz OLED display, it offers vibrant colours and a remarkably smooth visual experience comparable to high-end gaming laptops. Paired with a powerful gaming-grade AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series CPU, this model delivers outstanding performance, a rarity in its price segment.

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