April 21, 2024

CultureAI signs Ignition Technology as first UK distie

UK cybersecurity start-up CultureAI has selected Ignition Technology as its first distributor to help scale business in human risk management. 

The start-up bills itself as a human risk management platform that provides a data-driven approach to “transform” employee security behaviours and minimise human risk. 

By integrating with the modern tech stack, CultureAI provides real-time visibility into an organisation’s riskiest employee behaviours and security vulnerabilities, including weak or compromised password use, unauthorised software usage, phishing email clicks, oversharing sensitive data on ChatGPT or Slack, and more.  

CultureAI claims that by measuring human risk in real time, security teams can allocate resources and implement automated interventions where they are most necessary. 

“Our partnership with Ignition Technology marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise human risk management,” said Jamal Shakir, chief revenue officer at CultureAI. 

“Their expertise and strong reputation in the security reseller world will undoubtedly help us accelerate our go-to-market strategies and expand our reach.”

The start-up will leverage Ignition’s network, enabling it to scale quickly and build a channel presence in the cybersecurity market. 

Ignition was recently chosen as CrowdStrike’s second distributor for the UK market. 

Sean Remnant, chief strategy officer at Ignition Technology added: “[CultureAI’s] approach to human risk management is a significant step forward in employee cyber risk education and risk management.

“CultureAI poses a huge opportunity for the channel to disrupt an established market. We see pent-up demand for the human element of cyber risk to be addressed in a more engaging manner and where the solution provides actionable results. Gone are the days of boring and out-of-context security training videos.”

The partnership is cemented on the shared goal of enabling easier engagement with businesses and amplifying market presence through increased sales and marketing power, joint events, and enhanced technical support.

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