April 25, 2024

From technology to psychology: Elevating workplace safety in 2024

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Amidst a transformation in workplace health and safety practices driven by increased compliance demands, dealers can take the lead in promoting and adopting inventive solutions to safeguard employee well-being and bolster organisational resilience

In 2024, workplace health and safety practices are poised for a transformation, spurred by increased compliance requirements and new regulations following the 2017 Grenfell tragedy. The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) now governs all high-rise buildings and requires a Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System for higher-risk buildings to identify relevant risks. While not all dealer customers’ workspaces will fall into the high-risk category, dealers have an important role to play in underscoring the significance of reassessing current safety plans and equipment considering the heightened emphasis on health and safety practices.

Integrating technology

While conventional PPE remains vital across workplaces, evolving workwear technology now provides businesses with real-time data to detect potential risk areas. Equipped with sensors, Smart PPE monitors hazardous environmental conditions and physiological harm. Dealers should consider exploring diversification into this domain or incorporating Smart PPE into their current offerings, to help customers to gather data and enhance health and safety processes.

Dealers should also emphasise the advantages of visual recording equipment in high-risk areas to further integrate technology into health and safety practices. For small businesses, having a visual record of workplace incidents enables prompt and appropriate remedial action while safeguarding against financial losses and reputational damage.

Physical and psychological

With workplace stress increasingly contributing to employee illness, ensuring the psychological safety of employees has become crucial. When addressing workplace health and safety, customers should consider implementing practices that promote psychological safety, recognising that employees perform best in secure environments. In these instances, dealers should highlight products that aid in establishing safe workspaces conducive to emotional and psychological well-being.

For instance, does the company offer designated well-being breakout areas? What signage does the company employ to advocate safety practices? Are there opportunities for dealers to support the company in furnishing breakout seating and furniture to enhance well-being zones?

Ensuring continuity

The increased occurrence and severity of natural and societal changes in recent years emphasise the necessity of readiness for any situation. Dealers can enhance organizational resilience by aiding customers in adopting proactive strategies through products that reinforce workplace safety.

For instance, by supplying tools to employees working remotely or from home, enabling uninterrupted work even during events like loss of connection with business systems. In unforeseen emergencies, businesses should be equipped with recovery kits containing essentials like personal protective equipment, hazard tape, evacuation chairs and secure storage for valuable items. Dealers can offer additional assistance to customers by helping them develop emergency kit checklists.

Of course, while customers stand to gain from bolstering their health and safety protocols with upgraded and new products, the focus on health and safety also allows dealers to revisit core lines like medical supplies, cleaning products, and office maintenance equipment.

In summary, the evolving landscape of workplace health and safety demands a proactive approach from both businesses and dealers alike. As regulations become stricter and the importance of psychological well-being gains recognition, dealers play a crucial role in guiding customers towards implementing effective safety measures.

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