April 22, 2024

How Technology Has Changed the Pharmacy Landscape

The pharmacy landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of decades, due in large part to the evolution of technology. Pharmacists in every type of practice setting now have more tools in their arsenal than ever before. While innovations like telehealth and online prescription services have vastly improved workflows, navigating the changing environment can sometimes be difficult.

During a session titled “Navigating the Evolving Pharmacy Landscape: What it Means for You” at the Outcomes 2024 SYNC National Conference in Orlando, Florida, Pacience Edwards, PharmD, manager of compliance at Outcomes, discussed the impacts that advancements in technology have had on pharmacy.1

“We think about where pharmacy started years ago and it’s quite different,” Edwards said. “We think about going from mortal and pestles to all of the different tools we have nowadays for compounding. We just continue to evolve…There’s been a variety of different impacts that technology has had in pharmacy.”

1. Edwards P. Navigating the Evolving Pharmacy Landscape: What it Means for You. Presented at: Outcomes 2024 SYNC National Conference; February 22-24, 2024; Orlando, FL.

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