June 16, 2024

Is there a right time to transition to technology? | by Mariana Carvalho | Feb, 2024


Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash.

Nowadays, we know that the demand for professionals in STEM has never been higher. The flexibility, the career opportunities, the innovation in the field, the salaries, you name it. If you are thinking about changing careers or are a recent graduate contemplating your professional path that has a foot in the tech field, I imagine you are faced with the question: “Is there a right time to take the leap of faith and move into technology, a field that is always changing?

The direct answer is: no. There is no right time for you to move into technology. This moment will arise at one time or another as your interests increasingly converge with your desire to learn about data, information, infrastructure, design, UX, cloud, artificial intelligence, etc.

There are different green flags that may arise that will make you want to migrate even more. And also how each of these green flags will help you be more prepared to make this migration.

Understanding your motivation for making the transition is essential. Before diving into the logistics of changing careers, it’s important to ask yourself, “What are my motivations?” Are you drawn to technology out of genuine interest and passion, or is it just a response to job market trends? A genuine interest in technology leads to a more fulfilling and sustainable career in the long term. Assess your curiosity, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn; this will be essential to face the constant challenges you will encounter when studying and developing in tech. When I entered the field, I really wanted to learn how to code. Over time, I realized that technology goes far beyond programming, and I became fascinated by the countless possibilities. However, until my master’s degree, what moved me was seeing myself programming, analyzing data, and solving problems on the computer.

A genuine interest in technology leads to a more fulfilling and sustainable career in the long term.

Furthermore, the technology area is a field that has a lot of investment in innovation and digital revolutions and is constantly changing. If you have a growth mindset and like the idea of ​​continuous learning, a career in technology could be an excellent option! The ability to adapt to new…

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