April 13, 2024

Meta Visits Seton Hall to Showcase Immersive Technology

Ann Oro using the Meta Quest 3 headset during the Meta demonstration.On February 7, the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center welcomed Meta representative, Vance Bass, to Space154 for an interactive demonstration of the cutting-edge Meta Quest 3 headset. The visit
aimed to showcase the transformative potential of virtual reality (VR) technology
in reshaping student learning and preparing for a technology-driven future workforce.

As one of the leading VR systems, Meta’s technology offers a wide range of educational
opportunities. It leverages virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences to build
skills and engage in virtual spaces without the boundaries of the physical world.
The presentation was attended by 22 faculty members, staff, and administrators who
were eager to explore immersive and interactive learning environments in the metaverse.
The diverse range of colleges in attendance, including the Stillman School of Business,
College of Nursing, College of Arts & Sciences, and Health and Medical Sciences, reflects
the widespread interest in VR curricular integration across disciplines.

Faculty member using the Meta Quest 3 headset during the Meta demonstration.One notable aspect of the Meta visit was the hands-on experience provided to faculty
and administrators. Attendees had the chance to try the VR headset and discuss the
versatility and benefits of the technology in professional and academic settings.
The integration of VR in higher education offers numerous benefits, including enhanced
engagement, real-world simulations, active learning, accessibility, multi-sensory
learning, collaborative learning and skill development.

“Investing in virtual, augmented or mixed reality can revolutionize how students learn,
collaborate, and engage with academic content, ultimately shaping a more dynamic and
effective learning environment,” explains Renee Cicchino, director of instructional design and adjunct professor.

VR has already been incorporated in many ways at Seton Hall, from course activities
to interview preparation. Leslie Rippon, Ph.D., in the School of Health and Medical Sciences, is working with VictoryXR to build an emergency preparedness simulation as a part of the first-year Interprofessional
Education curriculum. This mixed reality scenario immerses students in a team-based
response to a mass disaster, reinforcing clinical protocols and fostering interprofessional
communication and decision-making skills.

Rippon emphasizes the significance of this approach, stating, “VR allows us to create
flexible and adaptable learning environments that are expensive, difficult or dangerous
to develop in the physical world, providing students with a low-stakes immersive learning
space to practice skills they learn in their didactic coursework. Students in the
immersive VR environment not only interact with the content visually but also experience
auditory and sensory input, which enhances the experience for the learner.” 

Similarly, Cicchino incorporates the award-winning VR experience, TheBlu, into her scuba diving course requirements. This virtual activity exposes students
to an oceanic environment without the constraints of the physical world. Beyond curricular
integration, the Career Center partners with a program called
VirtualSpeech to conduct mock interviews and interview prep using VR headsets, highlighting the
expansive potential that immersive technology has in shaping dynamic and impactful
learning environments.

Meta’s visit to Seton Hall has ushered in a new era of educational possibilities,
with immersive technology poised to transform student learning and prepare them for
the challenges of the future. The Seton Hall community’s engagement with Meta marks
a significant step toward embracing the future of education in the metaverse. If you
are interested in learning more about VR and its benefits, please contact Renee Cicchino.

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