April 22, 2024
World Economy

85% of small US businesses show optimism for growth in 2024: Survey | World News

While it seems increasingly unlikely the US economy is headed for recession, small businesses still face headwinds like higher costs and difficulty retaining qualified workers.

But owners say they’re optimistic as 2024 gets underway, according to a new survey from American Express.

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Eighty-five percent of all small businesses surveyed said they were satisfied with the success of their business, and 86 per cent said they achieved their 2023 business goals. In August 2023, by contrast, 80 per cent of all small businesses surveyed said their long-term financial confidence was being negatively impacted by the economy.

Even in uncertain economic conditions, small businesses continue to demonstrate resiliency and dedication, said Gina Taylor, executive vice president and general manager of American Express’ small business products and Business Blueprint.

Our latest data shows small businesses see a positive 2024 ahead and they’re taking steps, including hiring, and implementing new tools, in order to stay proactive and competitive.

Fifty per cent of small businesses surveyed have plans to grow or expand their business in 2024. But only 28 per cent said they plan on hiring more employees, as hiring and retention remains a sticking point for many small businesses, because larger businesses can generally offer higher salaries and more perks than smaller ones.

To help keep quality staffers, 57 per cent of all respondents said that providing flexible work options was their top way to attract and retain employees in 2024.

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